Used tractor-mounted sprayers Second hand mounted crop sprayers

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Supplier Item Price
Knight Knight 1000L, 24m mounted sprayer

1000 Litre, 24m, Tilt, 12/24 Facility, Triples, 6 Cyl pump, S/Steel mixer, Wash tank, Hand wash, Locker, Water fill, Laser recirculation, Delta 34 rate controller 1998 V. Tidy

£9500.00 + VAT
Hardi Hardi Master HYB 1000L second hand 12m mounted sprayer for sale

Hardi Master HYB 1000L c/w electrics, mixer, flushing filter, triples, hand wash, locker, roadlights, waterfill etc. Fully reconditioned with new 12m boom

£6500.00 + VAT
Knight Knight 1000L 20/21m Gull wing Sprayer for sale

Knight 1000L 20/21m Gull wing, tilt, mixer, hand wash, locker, waterfill, road lights, flushing filter, single quick fits. 230L/min pump, double diverter valve V. Tidy

£5500.00 + VAT
Team Team 800L 12m Hydraulic Second hand mounted sprayer for sale

Team 800L 12m Hydraulic fold and lift Second hand mounted sprayer c/w full electrics, mixer, hand wash, 3/4" lines, single quick fit nozzles, water fill and diaphragm pump

£3000.00 + VAT
Allman Allman 825, 12m Tractor mounted used sprayer

Allman 825, 12m Tractor mounted used sprayer c/w manual fold , hydraulic lift, full electrics, 3 cylinder diaphragm pump, stainless steel mixer, hand wash, locker, water fill, road lights. Very tidy straight machine

£2500.00 + VAT
Hardi Hardi LX 800L 12m Hydraulic lift second hand Sprayer for sale

Hardi LX 800L 12m Hydraulic lift, full electrics, mixer, water fill, flushing filter, 3 cylinder diaphragm pump, single quick fits - Very Tiddy machine

£2500.00 + VAT
Hardi Hardi NK 800L 12m, Sprayer for sale

Used Hardi NK 800L 12m, c/w winch lift, single quick fits, 3 cylinder pump, mixer, can wash, hand wash, locker, manual control 1997 Done little work. Very Tidy

£2000.00 + VAT

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